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Welcome to the InterRidge Global Database of Active Submarine Hydrothermal Vent Fields (the “InterRidge Vents Database”).
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Vent Field Name IDsort descending Activity Tectonic Setting Region Latitude Longitude Maximum or Single Reported Depth Year and How Discovered
White Island active, confirmed back-arc spreading center Taupo Volcanic Zone -37.5191 177.1953 30 1989 or earlier, likely SCUBA
White Lady active, confirmed back-arc spreading center North Fiji Basin -16.9833 173.9167 2000 1988 towed camera and plume; 1989 submersible Nautile
White Point, Palos Verde, California active, confirmed other Coastal California 33.7000 -118.3167 10 1984 or earlier, likely by SCUBA
Woodlark Basin, Segment 3B active, inferred back-arc spreading center Woodlark Basin -9.8000 155.0667 3300 2009 plume only
Woodlark Basin, Segment 5B active, inferred back-arc spreading center Woodlark Basin -9.2540 156.1910 3550 1986 plume only; 2000 plume only
Wright volcanic center active, confirmed arc volcano Kermadec Arc -31.8500 -179.1880 1165 2005 submersible PISCES V; 2004 plume NZAPLUME III cruise
Yali active, confirmed arc volcano Hellenic Arc, Aegean Sea 36.6600 27.1300 3 1991 or earlier, from beach
Yoron Hole active, confirmed back-arc spreading center Okinawa Trough 27.4916 127.5333 590 2010 ROV Hyperdolphin
Zealandia active, inferred arc volcano Mariana Arc 16.8800 145.8500 144 2003 plume only; 2009 or earlier ROV did not confirm activity
Zenith-Victory inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 20.1292 -45.6225 2390 2008 (need citation to confirm that the field was discovered by TV-profiling and dredging)
Zouyu ridge active, confirmed mid-ocean ridge S MAR -13.2800 -14.4100 2315 2009 towed video