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Reykjanes Ridge

Below is the subset of Vent Fields that contain the taxonomy term (Activity, Tectonic Setting, Region, Ocean, National Jurisdiction, Temperature Category, or MGDS Feature ID) listed above.
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Vent Field Name IDsort descending Activity Tectonic Setting Region Latitude Longitude Maximum or Single Reported Depth Year and How Discovered
Reykjanes Ridge, Area A active, inferred mid-ocean ridge Reykjanes Ridge 62.4500 -25.4330 500 NotProvided
Reykjanes Ridge, Area B active, inferred mid-ocean ridge Reykjanes Ridge 59.8167 -29.6833 1000 1992 submersible Mir did not find vents
Steinaholl Vent Field active, confirmed mid-ocean ridge Reykjanes Ridge 63.1000 -24.5333 350 1990 plume, echosounding, and towed video; 1993 plume only (included echosounding for more precise location)
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