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Punta Banda

Name Alias(es): 
Vent Sites: 
Medanos de Punta Banda
Bahia Papalote
Maximum Temperature: 
Location on map: 
National Jurisdiction: 
Maximum or Single Reported Depth (mbsl): 
Minimum Depth (mbsl): 
Tectonic setting: 
Full Spreading Rate (mm/a): 
Volcano Number (if applicable): 
Host Rock: 
Deposit Type: 
Notes on Vent Field Description: 
Medanos de Punta Banda (intertidal), Bahia Papalote (subtidal); Vidal et al. (1978): "hydrothermal activity occurs within the Agua Bianca Fault"; subaerial expression is Punta Banda Geothermal Field; Vidal et al. (1981): "The PBSHS water is a primary high temperature, acid, reducing fluid of old seawater origin which has been titrated by cold, alkaline groundwater of meteoric origin. ... In contrast, the subaerial hot spring waters are of unmixed meteoric origin."; not related to active volcanism
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
1960's commercial abalone divers
Discovery References (text): 
Vidal, V.M.V., et al., 1978, Coastal submarine hydrothermal activity off northern Baja California. Journal of Geophysical Research 83(B4): 1757-1774.
Other References (text): 
Vidal, V.M.V., Vidal, F.V., and Isaacs, J.D., 1981, Coastal submarine hydrothermal activity off northern Baja California 2. Evolutionary history and isotope chemistry: Journal of Geophysical Research 86-B, p. 9451–9468, doi:10.1029/JB086iB10p09451.