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Name Alias(es): 
8 18'S, MAR
MGDS_FeatureID lowest in hierarchy: 
Vent Sites: 
Drachenschlund (= Dragon Throat)
Maximum Temperature: 
Location on map: 
National Jurisdiction: 
Maximum or Single Reported Depth (mbsl): 
Minimum Depth (mbsl): 
Tectonic setting: 
Full Spreading Rate (mm/a): 
Volcano Number (if applicable): 
Host Rock: 
ultramafic + MORB
Deposit Type: 
Notes on Vent Field Description: 
crater resembled Logatchev; extinct smokers nearby; plume Nibelungen detected in 2004 on cruise M62/5; Drachenschlund (black smoker) found in 2006 on cruise M68/1
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
striking absence of fauna around the crater
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
2006 AUV ABE followed by ROV Quest; 2004 plume only
Discovery References (text): 
(plume only) Devey et al, (2005) Hydrothermal and Volcanic Activity Found on the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Eos Trans AGU, 86(22): 209&212
Koschinsky, A et al. (2006) Hydrothermal Exploration of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 5-10°S, using the AUV ABE and the ROV Quest a brief overview of RV Meteor Cruise M68/1. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2006, abstract #OS34A-05
RV Meteor Cruise M68/1 cruise report (
Other References (text): 
Koschinsky, A. et al (2006) Discovery of new hydrothermal vents on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (4 S - 10 S) during cruise M68/1. InterRidge News 15: 9-15
Yoerger, D. et al. (2007) Mid-ocean ridge exploration with an autonomous underwater vehicle. Oceanography 20(4): 52-61
Melchert, B. et al. (2008) First evidence for high-temperature off-axis venting of deep crustal/mantle heat: The Nibelungen hydrothermal field, southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 275: 61-69.