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MTJ, V12A-04

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MTJ, Mangatolo flank volcano #2
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From the cruise report: "Volcanoes near the Mangatolo Triple Junction One vertical cast was done at each of two volcanoes on the east flank of the Mangatolo Triple Junction (MTJ). Of these volcanoes, the northern one (V12A-03) showed no hydrothermal anomalies. The southern volcano (15 57.25’S 174 42.65’W, V12A-04) has a small (~500m diameter, 100-150 m deep) caldera at the summit and is hydrothermally active. Particle (dNTU = 0.050) and ORP (-26 mv) anomalies were present within the caldera from the depth of the caldera rim (1200 m) to the seafloor (1320 m)."; Baker et al. 2019: site 43 in Table 2;
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2012 plume only
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2012 cruise report, accessed on 2020-02-25:;
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Baker ET, Walker SL, Massoth GJ and Resing JA (2019) The NE Lau Basin: Widespread and Abundant Hydrothermal Venting in the Back-Arc Region Behind a Superfast Subduction Zone. Front. Mar. Sci. 6:382. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00382;