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Little Volcano

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location and depth approximate; Klickhammer et al. (1996): "Every major volcanic structure in both the Central and Eastern Basins was surveyed, and evidence of hydrothermal activity was found in both basins. The strongest signals were observed in the Central Basin (figure 1) along Hook Ridge (SL24), the Middle Ridge of the Three Sisters (SL26), and the Little Volcano (SL27). ... Hydrothermal activity occurs along a linear but discontinuous neovolcanic ridge that runs between Deception Island and Bridgeman Island in the Central Basin and continues northeast of Bridgeman Island in the Eastern Basin."; note: Klickhammer et al. (2001) paper says no activity at Little Volcano
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1995 plume only
Discovery References (text): 
Klinkhammer et al. (1996) Hydrothermal and hydrographic surveys of the Bransfield Strait: Results from cruise NBP95-07. ANTARCTIC JOURNAL — REVIEW 1996: 92-94.
Other References (text): 
Klinkhammer, GP et al. (2001) Discovery of new hydrothermal vent sites in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica. EPSL 193(3): 395-407.