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Kulo Lasi

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position approximate from cruise SS02/2012: "caldera of the East Futuna Zone" (east of Futuna Spreading Center and not to be confused with Futuna Trough in New Hebrides back-arc); longitude is updated from Ver. 2.1 database; depth from specimen deposited into MNHM with record in GBIF accessed 10 June 2015,; Konn et al. (2011): "A new area off-shore the Futuna island was surveyed in fall 2010 during a French cruise conducted by Ifremer and two new hydrothermal active fields (Amanaki and Kulo Lasi) were discovered"; FUTUNA 2010 cruise likely confirmed venting:; Charlou et al. (2011): "The fluids exhibit temperatures of 343 C, pH of 2.36, low H2S content..."; cruise SS02/201: "hydrocast (NLTH-14) detected a large multilayered hydrothermal plume, with a major layer at ~1180m and subsidiary layer at 1280m. The former coincides with the deepest portion of the caldera rim"; Bird (2003) model does not represent this complex region well enough to provide good estimate of spreading rate
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
2010 submersible Nautile
Discovery References (text): 
Charlou, et al. (2011) H2-rich fluids issued from the Kulo Lasi volcano, a new active hydrothermal field recently discovered in the South-West Pacific. Goldschmidt Conference 2011, abstract #4394.
Konn et al. (2011) Discovery of new hydrothermal active fields in the South-West Pacific. Organic geochemistry of the fluids. Goldschmidt Conference 2011, abstract #4140.
Other References (text): 
Pelletier, B., Y. Lagabrielle, M. Benoit, G. Cabioch, S. Calmant, E. Garel, C. Guivel (2001) Newly identified segments of the Pacific–Australia plate boundary along the North Fiji transform zone. Earth Plan. Sci. Lett. 193: 347-358, doi:10.1016/S0012-821X(01)00522-2.
cruise SS02/2012, voyage summary ss2012_v02,, accessed 10 June 2015.