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16 38'N, MAR
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Notes on Vent Field Description: 
Basaltic hosted deposits are dominated by pyrite and silica at Krasnov; 800 x 400 m; one of the largest seafloor massive sulfides in the world; deposits dated to 119 ka (Cherkashov et al. 2008)
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
few fauna were observed; only a few bacterial mats covering several tens of square meters were observed at the bottom of the cliff splitting the sulfide mound
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
2002 or earlier plume only; 2004 TV grab indicated inactive; 2007 ROV Victor indicated inactive
Discovery References (text): 
Beltenev et al. (2004) A new hydrothermal field at 16 38.4'N, 46 28.5W on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. InterRidge News 13: 5-6
Fouquet, Y et al. (2007) Diversity of Ultramafic Hosted Hydrothermal Deposits on the Mid Atlantic Ridge: First Submersible Studies on Ashadze, Logatchev 2 and Krasnov Vent Fields During the Serpentine Cruise. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2007, abstract #T51F-03.
Other References (text): 
Cherkashov et al. (2008) New important discoveries of hydrothermal deposits at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (geological setting, composition and resources). IGC Oslo abstracts, session MRD-03 Recent developments on marine mineral deposits
Fouquet et al. (2008) Serpentine cruise - ultramafic hosted hydrothermal deposits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: First submersible studies on Ashadze 1 and 2, Logatchev 2 and Krasnov vent fields. InterRidge News 17: 15-19.