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GEISEIR site 6, segment K2

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Maximum or Single Reported Depth (mbsl): 
Tectonic setting: 
Full Spreading Rate (mm/a): 
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Notes on Vent Field Description: 
depth approximate using position in GeoMapApp; Wang et al. (2011): "The second section was located between 41.6 and 41.7 S where turbidity anomalies detected below 2400 m also provided evidence for the existence of hydrothermal activities."; Baker et al. (2014): "ORP data are only available from the 2010 cruise to segments K and L, where distinct anomalies were detected at 10 separate locations"
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
2007 plume only; 2010 plume only
Discovery References (text): 
Wang T T, Chen Y S J, Tao C H. 2011, Revisit the K-segment of the Southeast Indian Ridge for new evidence of hydrothermal plumes. Chinese Sci Bull, 56: 3605-3609, doi: 10.1007/s11434-011-4723-5.
Other References (text): 
Baker, E.T., Hemond, C., Briais, A., Maia, M., Scheirer, D.S., Walker, S.L., Wang, T., Chen, Y.J., 2014. Correlated patterns in hydrothermal plume distribution and apparent magmatic budget along 2500 km of the Southeast Indian Ridge. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 15, doi: 10.1002/2014GC005344.