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Galapagos Rift, 85 50'W

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Deposit Type: 
PMS, polymetallic massive sulfides
Notes on Vent Field Description: 
several large inactive sulfide deposits, Fe oxide gossans, low-temperature Fe oxide and silica chimneys, and associated hydrothermal Fe-Mn crusts (150 m approx. explored dimensions) in southern rift; Haymon et al. (2008): "The field of inactive deposits occurs within a 1.5 km-wide axial graben near the eastern terminus of the GSC at the Inca Transform. The deposits are located ~300 m south of the present-day neovolcanic zone, on top of a linear high that is part of an abandoned rift tip"
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Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
1988 or earlier submersible observations
Discovery References (text): 
[Embley et al. (1988) Submersible investigation of an extinct hydrothermal system on the Galápagos Ridge: Sulfide mounds, stockwork zone, and differentiated lavas, Can. Mineral., 26, 517–540.]
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