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CIR, Segment 3, Hydrothermal Plume Site

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Muench et al. (1999): "First indications for hydrothermal activity on the Central Indian Ridge (CIR) were documented in 1987, when elevated CH4- and Mn-concentrations were detected in the water column (Plüger et al., 1990). The ‘Hydrothermal Plume Site' (HPS) is located in the third segment of the CIR north of the Rodriguez Triple Junction (RTJ) on the western flank of a CIR rift wall at 2840 m water depth. Despite some distinct hydrochemical anomalies comprising a plume, and the presence of pervasively altered basalt close to the neovolcanic zone, no hydrothermal precipitates were detected in this area."; Halbach and Muench (2000) decreased Mn and methane in following years suggests waning hydrothermal activity or megaplume; ZHU et al. (2008): "Significant turbidity anomalies were observed at four individual sections from 24°12′S to 23°56′S at the depth of 2500-3000 m along the eastern rift valley wall."
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1987 plume only; 2005/2006 plume only
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[W. L. Plüger, et al., Mar. Min. 9, 73 (1990) Discovery of hydrothermal fields at the Central Indian Ridge
ZHU Jian, et al., Hydrothermal plume anomalies along the Central Indian Ridge. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2008, 53, 16, 2527-2535.]
Other References (text): 
Tamaki and Fujimoto (1994) Summary and preliminary results of the R/V Hakuho-maru KH93-3 Rodriguez Triple Junction cruise. InterRidge News 3(1): 66-8
Muench et al. (1999) Mineralogical and geochemical features of sulfide chimneys from the MESO zone, Central Indian Ridge. Chemical Geology 155: 29-44
Halbach and Muench (2000) Mineral deposits at 23 S, Central Indian Ridge: mineralogical features, chemical composition, and isotopic investigations. Chpa. 12 in Cronan, D., ed. Handbook of marine mineral deposits, p. 327-346.