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Chamorro volcano

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Chamorro Seamount
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as distinguished from South Chamorro Seamount which is a serpentinite mud volcano at 13 47'N; located within U.S. Marianas Trench Marine National Monument (; "Once Deep Discoverer reached the top of the crater rim, where there were jagged boulders and a steep drop, D2 descended northward to the crater floor where we found MORE hydrothermal activity; one chimney structure there was venting ~48°C fluids. There were several discrete chimney structures, and the ROV got some great close-ups of them as the vehicle flew north across the crater floor, which was generally smooth and ash-covered." (Okeanos Explorer ROV Dive Summary, 2016)
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
"As the ROV made its way upslope, there were some unusual fauna: amphipod families on “sticks” that they constructed; polychelid lobsters (these living fossils are rarely seen; however at least ten were observed during this dive); and 2 species of demosponges." (Okeanos Explorer ROV Dive Summary, 2016);
Year and How Discovered (if active, visual confirmation is listed first): 
2016 ROV Deep Discoverer; 2003 plume only
Discovery References (text): 
(plume only) Baker et al. (2008) Hydrothermal activity and volcano distribution along the Mariana arc, JGR, 113, B08S09, doi:10.1029/2007JB005423;
Okeanos Explorer ROV Dive Summary, 2016, Chamorro Seamount, Shirley Pomponi (HBOI-FAU, CIOERT), Patty Fryer (UH); (accessed on: 20200311);
Other References (text): 
Return to Chamorro by Bob Stern - The University of Texas at Dallas, June 25, 2016, (accessed on: 20200311);