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Central Cleft, off-axis

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ROV Tiburon Dive T183; ~3.3 km off the spreading axis; Stakes et al. (2002): "a linear mound of altered and fractured sheet flows coated with flocculent precipitates was observed with curtains of shimmering fluid emanating from its porous interior. Several more ridges 6-8 m tall, discovered and sampled in 2002 extend over a few hundred meters and are actively venting low-temperature fluids. The venting at the "Flyer Field" is characterized by ubiquitous amorphous Fe-rich precipitates and by weakly diffuse fluid flow with temperatures 3-20 degrees C above ambient."; Stakes et al. (2006): "Low-temperature vents discovered on east flank were characterized by thick cover of microbial mat with amorphous precipitates rich in Fe and Si and less Mn"
Notes Relevant to Biology: 
Stakes et al. (2002): "Microbial mats are conspicuous and intermixed with green precipitates composed of amorphous Fe and Si with abundant bacterial filaments."
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2000 ROV Tiburon
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Stakes, D. S.; Perfit, M.; Wheat, G.; Delong, E.; Tivey, M. A.; Ramirez, T. M. (2002) Evidence of Volcanism and Extensive Low-Temperature Off-Axis Hydrothermal Venting along the Cleft Segment of the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge (JdFR). American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting abstract #V61B-1366.
Stakes, D. S., M. R. Perfit, M. A. Tivey, D. W. Caress, T. M. Ramirez, and N. Maher (2006), The Cleft revealed: Geologic, magnetic, and morphologic evidence for construction of upper oceanic crust along the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 7, Q04003, doi:10.1029/2005GC001038.
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