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Alarcon Rise, Tzab-ek

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southernmost spreading center in Gulf of California, a northern segment of the East Pacific Rise; position is given for chimney with maximum temperature 355 C at depth 2237 m on ROV Doc Ricketts Dive 745 in 2015; MBARI website, accessed 11 May 2015, "off-axis on a fault-uplifted mound at a cluster of spires that we identified in the AUV bathymetry to be large hydrothermal chimneys.", "The new field will be named "Tzab-ek", the Mayan name for the Pleiades “Seven Sisters” star cluster", "The black smokers in this field are 350 degrees Celsius and measure 31 and 33 meters tall", "These black smokers and their predecessors have built a large sulfide mound up to five meters thick.", map shows vent field area approximately 50 x 50 m, narrative in webpage implies the vent field is to the west of the ridge axis
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2015 ROV Doc Ricketts
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MBARI website, accessed 11 May 2015,
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