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Welcome to the InterRidge Global Database of Active Submarine Hydrothermal Vent Fields (the “InterRidge Vents Database”).
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Vent Field Name ID Activitysort descending Tectonic Setting Region Latitude Longitude Maximum or Single Reported Depth Year and How Discovered
EPR 87D1 Seamount inactive mid-ocean ridge N EPR 11.5333 -103.8600 2090 NotProvided
Logatchev 4 inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 14.7063 -44.9083 2000 2004 TV sled observed inactive field [ROV QUEST was also on this cruise, but Kuhn et al. (2004) do not report its use at Logatchev-4]
Mount Jourdanne inactive mid-ocean ridge SWIR -27.8500 63.9333 2940 1998 submersible Shinkai 6500
MAR, 15 50'N inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 15.8667 -46.6667 3000 NotProvided
Brown Bear Seamount inactive mid-ocean ridge JdF Ridge 46.0333 -130.5500 1500 NotProvided
Dellwood Seamount inactive mid-ocean ridge Explorer Ridge 50.8579 -129.3515 800 NotProvided
Solwara 12 inactive back-arc spreading center Manus Basin -3.7086 151.8834 1920 2009 commercial ROV Fugro FV300 inactive
Logatchev 5 inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 14.7500 -44.9700 3100 2007 ROV VICTOR 6000 did not find hydrothermal activity
Gorda Ridge, 41 30'N inactive mid-ocean ridge Gorda Ridge 41.5167 -127.4500 3350 1984 deposits only
Kurose Hole inactive arc volcano Izu-Bonin Arc 33.4000 139.6800 760 1989 inactive; 2009 inactive
MAR, 16 46'N inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 16.7950 -46.3800 3300 NotProvided