Vent Fields

Welcome to the InterRidge Global Database of Active Submarine Hydrothermal Vent Fields (the “InterRidge Vents Database”).
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Vent Field Name ID Activity Tectonic Setting Region Latitude Longitude Maximum or Single Reported Depthsort descending Year and How Discovered
Ashadze 3 active, inferred mid-ocean ridge N MAR 12.9860 -44.8610 4200 2005 plume and dredge only
Gakkel Ridge, Site 3 active, inferred mid-ocean ridge Gakkel Ridge 84.4333 2.1333 4300 2001 plume only
Owen transform fault inactive mid-ocean ridge Carlsberg Ridge 9.8333 57.9500 4500 NotProvided
Carlsberg Ridge, 1.67 S inactive mid-ocean ridge Carlsberg Ridge -1.6768 67.7700 4500 NotProvided
Ashadze 4 inactive mid-ocean ridge N MAR 12.9700 -44.8500 4530 2007 ROV VICTOR 6000 did not find hydrothermal activity
Loihi Seamount active, confirmed intra-plate volcano Central Pacific 18.9500 -155.2500 4800 1985 bottom photography R/V Hakuho Maru; 1987 submersible Alvin
Beebe active, confirmed mid-ocean ridge Mid-Cayman Rise 18.5466 -81.7182 4957 2010 AUV Autosub6000 and HyBIS TVG; 2009 plume only
Hawaiian Ridge inactive intra-plate volcano Central Pacific 15.0000 -157.5000 5000 1987 or earlier
Parece Vela Ridge, Philippine Sea inactive back-arc spreading center Parece Vela Basin 16.0000 139.1667 5000 NotApplicable
SEIR inactive mid-ocean ridge SEIR -28.0614 74.1733 5000 NotProvided
Hess Deep inactive mid-ocean ridge Galapagos Rift 2.2500 -101.5000 5100 NotProvided
Philippine Ridge, West Philippine Basin inactive back-arc spreading center West Philippine Basin 12.0000 131.4170 5800 NotApplicable